I am a versatile software developer with 15+ years of experience in the medical imaging, biotech, and immunotherapy industries. I have worked both as an individual contributor and team leader for small companies, helping them to grow quickly by building infrastructure and applications that were critical to internal workflow and attractive to customers and investors.

I am currently Principal Software Developer at the Waltham site for Juno Therapeutics, a Seattle-based immunotherapy company. I have developed a suite of data storage, processing, and analysis tools to enable identification of lead candidates in the Juno antibody discovery platform. I work closely with molecular and cell biologists to identify workflow and analysis requirements, and deliver desktop and web-based solutions that enhance productivity and allow critical insight into big datasets.

I have a range of analytical skills in technical domains: medical image processing, radiation therapy visualization, life sciences instrumentation, and bioinformatics. Beginning with my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, I have grown to be passionate about the intersection of software and science as applied to meaningful missions such as the treatment and cure for cancer.